Finally, my empanada expedition is complete (sort of)

After more than two months of stringing together lunch hours and stealing away for random “errands” as much as possible, I feel I’ve finally tried enough places to put together a somewhat comprehensive guide to empanadas in Westchester County. One thing I’ve learned though is that as much as I might try, this list isn’t totally comprehensive. It seems like every day I find another place worth exploring. So rather than putting up a new blog post every time I find a new place, I’ve instead created a whole new page that can be updated at will. Here it is: The Empanada Lover’s Guide to Westchester County, complete with a detailed description of every place I tried, ranked by one, two or three stars, as well as a color-coded Google map showing all the locations.

My hope is that as I – or any of you – find new places I’ll continue to update this list. Just leave comments here or on that page if you have any suggestions, additions or edits. Your input will make it much more complete.

So, head over to that page to check out the complete list.

On this post I just want to share some overall impressions. First, the good news is that you can find some great empanadas here in Westchester county, spanning varieties from Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Guatemala, Ecuador, Peru, Paraguay and Uruguay. Not many places around the country can boast that kind of variety. In short, there are a lot of very good, very traditional, very diverse empanadas to be eaten in Westchester.

The biggest difference in quality from place to place was whether or not they made their empanadas on site, and whether you could easily order them freshly made. You simply can’t beat freshly made empanadas. Only a short amount of time separates great empanadas from mediocrity. So, of the places I’ve listed, only those who made them freshly (fried or baked) got three stars.

Now, I have to be totally honest. Looking back on all the places I tried, I’m still left wanting. It isn’t that I didn’t find great empanadas here and there. But I still feel like we can do better. I guess I feel like I still haven’t found the absolute empanada nirvana here. Maybe nostalgic feelings of meals with many South American friends in Australia and great food I’ve had in Buenos Aires, creates a bar impossible to reach.  Maybe I’m chasing something unattainable? But whatever the case, it’s good motivation for me to keep looking.

So, I hope you enjoy the list. And please, be sure to let me know if I’ve missed any places and your impressions of any of the ones you’ve already tried.

9 Comments on “Finally, my empanada expedition is complete (sort of)”

  1. Marcelo Azar says:

    Thank you for your complimentary review. As the owner of a new small restaurant, articles like yours make a huge impact, and can be the deciding factor between our failure or success.

    Med Empanadas (Marcelo Azar – Current Owner)

  2. adamclyde says:

    Hi Marcelo. Thanks for the comment, and keep up the good work! Best of luck.

  3. Hi Adam, nice to meet you!
    I don’t know if you already access this website about food and recipes – It’s great and very interesting!!

    Here in Brazil we also have a crave for Empanadas. Our favorite one (it’s a kind of Arabic empanada) is called “Esfirra”

    Cheers from another IBMer

    • Daphnie says:

      I’m gonna try this today. As a vegan its proably less eienpsxve for me to cook than to buy frozen foods every two days, so now I’ll start cooking, besides there’s not a ton to do over summer vacation, might as well pick up a useful hobby VA:F [1.9.8_1114]Like (0 votes)

  4. Alison Giglio says:

    Hi Adam,

    In response to your article in the Journal News of Wednesday, Feb 25th, 2009, I know someone who makes the very best home made, Argentine empanadas. Sure to finally satisfy your craving to experience the very best empanada. I too, searched far and wide for the best. From Westchester to the Hamptons, I am sure that you will find no better. She makes Beef, Chicken, veggie and corn empanadas. They range in price from $3. for vegetable to to $4.50 for beef. She will also make special orders with price based on ingredients and prep time.
    Contact me via regular email and I will arrange for a special tasting date with my friend Nancy. I believe that Nancy’s empanadas will finally end your search!


  5. Lauren says:

    Hello Adam,

    Thanks for the reviews! I just thought I would let you know that although it is not an Empanada Restaurant specifically, Seasons Restaurant in Somers, NY makes a wonderful baked appetizer empanada with shrimp and peppers. I go there just to order that!


  6. adamclyde says:

    Thanks, Lauren. I’ve heard that somewhere else too… I work out of the IBM Somers building every now and then, so I should just head down the hill and give it a try some time…

    • Hamada says:

      Woozaz!! They sound so good! They remind me a of samsoa, which is a traditional Indian food but these are delicious looking (and I bet tasting!) comida mexicana!!VA:F [1.9.8_1114]Like (0 votes)

  7. Un ami m’a conseillé cet article, et je ne suis pas décu!

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