(about me)

A little about myself:

I am currently the director of social and digital communications and marketing at Juniper Networks in the Bay Area. Until April 2011, I was at IBM headquarters in Armonk, NY for almost eight years working in communications and marketing where I most recently led IBM’s social business strategy and execution globally. That meant I got to work on projects like IBM Watson and Smarter Planet and loads of other cool (but admittedly geeky) things.

I’m a native Californian. But beginning with a stint in NYC in 1999, then for good in 2000, I lived on the East Coast with my wife and ever growing brood of children until we made the pilgrimage back to Southern California in August 2010.

I’m a proud Mormon, attended BYU and even went on a proselyting mission to Australia seemingly ages ago.

I have a serious food obsession, as evidenced by my endless postings on Chowhound and other food forums. My wonderful wife and neurotic little children occupy all of my non-working, non-eating time.

This blog
As you’ve no doubt surmised, this blog suffers from my multiple personalities. It is a somewhat awkward mix of my work life and my food life. And in the case of this blog, the latter often trumps the former. Hopefully this helps you navigate to the content you want:

Work posts
Food posts

* Obligatory disclosure: Everything here on this site is my own and may not necessarily reflect the views of my employer. Because, let’s be honest, IBM Juniper Networks probably has crappy taste in food.