Casa Villa in Stamford – An Update

I thought I had posted about this, but apparently hadn’t. not enough sleep in this household, clearly.

anyhow, I finally made it back to casa villa for the first time since they reopened following a car going through their front window.

See, I’ve been going to casa villa for at least 7 years, when it was called Favi’s. I actually think it was better then, but all along the problem with this place is that it’s so darned inconsistent. I’ve actually had a few great tacos, mostly mediocre, and some decidedly poor ones there. But, even given that, if someone pins me down and asks where to go for tacos in Stamford, I’m afraid I still have to answer Casa Villa (oh how I miss rolando’s). (oh, and while ole mole has some good things – albeit tailored to an american palate – their tacos totally suck).

So, I was hopeful that following the reopening, Casa Villa would have upped their game in the kitchen. So, with the middle daughter (4 yrs old) in tow, we went there a few weeks ago. I ordered two tacos – al pastor and carnitas – and my daughter ordered a chicken taco.

The al pastor taco wasn’t bad. It was a little overly salty, which always ticks me off. Mexican places do this to al pastor to compensate for the fact that they are using a weak adobo for the pork. It was pretty good, but being a little overly salty really annoys me.

I honestly can’t remember my carnitas taco. That means that it was OK, but not great. Around here, an OK carnitas isn’t a bad thing, frankly.

But I have to say I was pretty surprised with the chicken taco. It wasn’t dry at all and had really good flavor. Shocking. I NEVER order chicken tacos because those two things never seem to come about. But I found myself pawning my al pastor taco on my 4 year old while I ate her chicken taco (dad’s prerogative). Though, she got the better of me when she spilled her water on my taco. so there you go.

Anyhow, Casa Villa remains as it always has been. A decent local place for an authentic taco. Just don’t expect the same taco from visit to visit. But if my last visit was a guide, go for chicken.

Some day before I leave this part of the country to head back home to my motherland (so. cal) I will see a great taqueria pop up in Stamford… even if I have to open it myself. Until then, I’ll go to casa villa… or, actually, drive down to Port Chester.

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