El Charrito: Taco truck in Stamford. We have arrived!

I take back all my badmouthing of Stamford’s Mexican places. I take back my cursing of Mexican food in general in Connecticut. And, temporarily, I take back all the bad things I’ve muttered about living in this cold Mexican wasteland these past 7 years.

At least for now

Because today as I was doing errands, I found El Charrito, a taco truck parked in West Stamford.

I actually first ate at this truck about a year ago. I saw it parked in the Shop Rite parking lot and had a good taco. Then I never saw it again.

Today, I drove by and slammed on my breaks when I saw it parked there. It’s hard to miss – a big yellow truck with a big old sign on the side that says, “El Charrito.”

The husband and wife that own the truck are extremely friendly. The wife, a Stateside born Puerto Rican, who speaks perfect english takes the orders and will help you navigate what’s good that particular day. The husband, from Mexico, does all the cooking. And he’s good.

Today I had a huarache with carnitas. Man, it was awesome. Not just passable, but truly good. Think of a huarache as a thick tortilla, pan fried, about a foot long and 5 inches wide, topped with black refried beans, meat of your choice, shredded lettuce, crema and salsa. Man it was good. the carnitas was good and tender (not as rich as the best carnitas, but better than any other that I’ve had in Stamford). The huarache is all hand made from fresh masa, as are the sopes. For only $4.50, the huarache makes a great lunch. As far as I know, it’s the only place in Stamford that sells huaraches.

Huaraches and sopes were the special today.

Their regular items include tacos, tortas hot dogs, hamburgers, quesadillas, etc. Plus, they have horchata too. Tacos are $2.50… not sure what some of the other items are priced. They also sell something called sincronisadas, which is something like a big old ham, cheese, beans quesadilla.

They said they are there from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day. And, you can call ahead and order your food so it’s ready when you get there. 203-940-0922.

They said the truck is parked in the same spot each day – across from Sachs Plumbing, on the side of that triangular jackie robinson park. For the address below, I’m going to approximate…

I hope it’s as good next time I go.

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Corona/Norco #1: El Rancho Taqueria in Corona

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As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’m here in Corona/Norco visiting family for a few weeks… excited about trying out some food that, frankly, doesn’t get covered on this board very often. So, here’s the first report. Had a wonderful lunch today in Corona. By the way, Corona rocks. It’s the Santa Ana of the Inland Empire, in my opinion… so much in the way of great mexican. So, I just trolled along Sixth St. looking for some place. Tons and tons of great looking tacquerias. Anyhow, settled on this place, since it was next to a little market and I needed to pick up some stuff.

It’s called El Rancho Taqueria. It is a very small place – doesn’t look like anything, really, from the outside. On the inside, it looks like a typical baja kind of tacqueria. I ordered two tacos and a tamale.

The carnitas taco was wonderful – very flavorful, moist, and not at all dry. The al pastor taco was also very good. It wasn’t a spit-roasted one (still looking), but the meat was excellent. Most al pastor I get is tough pork marinated and overcooked. This was very juicy, tender pork chunks – almost carnitas-like tenderness, with a full flavored spiciness you expect from al pastor. Very good.

The tamale was ok. Good flavor, but nothing to write home about. I ordered it on a whim… but this place doesn’t come across as a tamale kind of place. I’ll keep looking for that.

Anyhow, not sure if anyone from Corona reads these boards, but, this place was a great place to satisfy a taco hankering…

El Rancho Taqueria

685 E. Grand, Ste. 103
Corona, CA 92881

[as a side note, had some good donuts at a divey place on the corner of El Paseo Grande and W 6th St. Nice lady inside made a custom order for me – going back and frosting some donuts to my daughters specifications. Very nice… anyhow, she’s cambodian and just so nice… said the vietnamese and thai places in corona are just mediocre… but she did recommend a chinese/cambodian restaurant in westminster that I need to check out…]