Corelli’s Pastry in Stamford: Italian turned Colombian turned Haitian

Has anyone been to this place on Stillwater in Stamford recently? I spoke to a good Haitian friend who said that the place is now a split Colombian/Haitian restaurant.

Apparently, the Colombian owners (who, presumably, had bought it from the Italian owners a few years ago) sold half the joint and now they have two menus – one Colombian, one Haitian. I asked if they had the same folks cooking both foods and apparently they have two kitchen staffs too (a good thing). So you can go in and order either Colombian or Haitian. I remember the bakery part of the Colombian was quite good. I’m glad it’s still around.

Anyone been recently? I need to check it out. Apparently the griot and goat curries are very good. I’m excited for some good Haitian food. Lacaye really wasn’t all that good for the past few years.

Now that it’s gone from Italian to Colombian to Colombian and Haitian, I wonder when they’ll actually change the name??? Although, I guess that adds to the charm…

Corelli’s Pastry Shop
166 Stillwater Ave,
Stamford, CT
(203) 348-0686

[Originally posted on Chowhound]