Sunshine Deli now has tlacoyos!

Went by for lunch today and was about to order some tacos. But I saw a plate of, what looked like Tlacoyos. So I asked the guy behind the counter and he said they have them as a special fairly frequently. This is good news – I haven’t had tlacoyos out here in the tristate area. I’m sure they sell them somewhere – I just haven’t noticed.

Tlacoyos are sort of like huaraches, but thicker and smaller. Sort of a hybrid between a huarache and a Salvadoran pupusa. It’s a thick masa, stuffed with beans or chicharron, then flattened and griddle fried.

Sunshine’s were very good. Mine were filled with refried beans, slathered with their chipotle salsa, cotija cheese and topped with chicken (on my first) and beef (on my second). Very good. Crisp edges, chewy interior. I didn’t ask if they had chicharron, but probably should have. They were $2.50 each.

Like some of the other great food at Sunshine, it doesn’t appear on their menu. The problem there is that their specials aren’t listed anywhere, and there’s no regularity to when they make them (cochinita pibil is a perfect case in point). So when you go, just be sure to ask what their specials are.

[originally posted on chowhound]

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