Q in Mt Kisco Now Open!

OK, so I made it there this afternoon. The place was hard to find – there’s no sign whatsoever yet and it’s in a little nondescript strip mall that looks like all the places are being renovated so none of them have signs. I think it’s next to a UPS store. I did some back and forth before I found it – all in the spirit of helping out my fellow chowhounds (heck, I even got a flat tire in the process… how’s that for taking one for the team).

Anyhow, if you find it you’ll be happy. Everything on the menu was half off while they finish their dining room and kitchen (for order in only – not take out). I’m not sure how long that will last.

So I ordered a platter so I could sample. I was really, really happy with what I ordered. Their brisket, which is the hardest of them all to pull off, was perfect. Pulled pork was very good as usual. The chicken was quite good – it was the white meat so not my favorite, but it was pretty good too. The chilli was great and the sausage was fine (not a huge fan of kielbasa style… but it was good).

The only major thing I didn’t order was ribs. I wish I had, as the only other time I had ribs at Q in port chester I found them to be just so-so. Wondering if that was an off night and how the ones in Kisco compared.

It’s the same ordering sequence as the other Q and everything seemed the same. The dining room was more open, but probably the same amount of seats (taking into consideration the upstairs of the PC location.

We had a few very minor delays getting the order – they were clearly working out the service kinks – but I don’t care so long as the food was great, which it was. Plus, the fact that they were giving half off shows they recognize it and appreciate their customers. Plus the owner or manager or whoever that was there was very friendly and took the time to make sure everyone was doing alright. All in all, a nice touch I thought.

So, folks, give it a try. Not sure if the half off deal will be through this weekend or not, but it’s worth it even for full price.


[originally posted on Chowhound]

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