Working from home…

Since starting at Juniper I have been traveling nearly every week up to the Bay Area. However, over time, I’ll be spending more of my time here at my home office in Huntington Beach. As I posted on Twitter yesterday, I have realized that working from home has some advantages. And some disadvantages. And sometimes those are the same…

4 Comments on “Working from home…”

  1. tinalll says:

    Hi Adam,
    Congrats on the career move…and location move! What a cute, friendly “co-worker” you have in that picture!
    Do you know if there is a LinkedIn Group for those who work from home? If not, I would be happy to co-host a Group with you….let me know.
    Christina Bartels

  2. Mr. Bill says:

    Working from home can be great. Just make sure you budget your time. Thanks for the post Adam.

    Reduce FOGs

  3. Working from home IS great.

  4. Hey Adam. Your post is a bit old, but I hope you are still in the lucky position to do a big part of your work in your home office. I have some kids myself and I needed two years until the company gave me permission to do some stuff from my home PC. I think it is always a matter of trust and luck and it depends in which field you are working. However, I found myself to be a lot more productive when I’m at home. Not a big surprise… because I have to smile and laugh a lot more and of course that is good for my workflow. So all the best to you!

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